Rose Play Dragon


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

“Sometimes things just happen in a strange way. Firstly, many people asked if the little dragon from ‘Ex Libris’ could be cast separately as a small sculpture. He became Rex Libris.” – Michael Parkes

Avid and budding collectors always return to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to explore the impressive collections on display. There’s plenty of intriguing and delightful art, memorabilia, and books to peruse at this prime establishment. Visitors wishing to know more about the exhibits, including Michael Parkes art, can reach out to the gallery’s staff for assistance.

Parkes reveals an amusing, fun depiction of his beloved imaginative character in Rose Play Dragon. The artist first sketches and perfects the mythical beast’s features before casting him into a mold.

Holding a beautiful rose, the dragon takes on a playful position, his small yet powerful form supported on stubby wings. He appears deeply captivated by a lovely blossom. The sculptor carves the dragon’s form with immaculate precision, allowing light to hit the right spots.

This adorable creature first appeared in the artist’s painting titled Ex Libris. At the request of fans, the charming horned creature goes on to make an independent appearance in several works by the artist, making this series perfect for avid collectors.