About 2Wild

Collaboration Collection of Barak & Miri Rozenvain. This brother and sister bring their individual styles together to create something quite stunning!

Questions Answered

2Wild is an artistic collaboration of brother and sister Miri and Barak Rozenvain. They create without boundaries under the name 2Wild.

Miri and Barak spend time prior to creating a piece collecting mementos and bits of inspiration from places they love and their travels. The materials they use to create a piece of art ranges from grains of sand sand to clippings of maps and magazines, and the occasional glitter.

Yes! Barak and Miri love to collaborate and create a vision together. Give us a call and one of our art consultants would be more than happy to set up a commissioned work.

In an interview with Miri and Barak they both discuss their love of nature and how growing up in a rural area surrounded by it impacts their view of wildlife. 

“The animals are part of the community, you spend time with them every day in your neighborhood and see them for the essential creatures they are.” The bright butterflies aim to bring out soft, kind, and positive feelings towards the animal. Typically 2Wild is painting the large animals they grew up around, they want the world to see them for their beauty, not as aggressive beasts. Miri and Barak see these as a tribute to their childhood neighbors.

It depends on the artwork. Sometimes they have a steady process of who completes what and when. Other times if the piece is like nothing they’ve ever done before, there is more collaboration within the room together, or they pass the piece back and forth and continue based on what the other has completed. Every single product of 2Wild is a true collaboration, and unique to anything they have ever done before.