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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Lake Tahoe is known for its picturesque landscape of the Sierra Nevada that circles an expanse of sparkling waters. It is home to the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where an impressive array of art is displayed. While you’re here, have a look at the mesmerizing Michael Parkes art. The artist is highly acclaimed for his magic realism and fantasy works that touch on riveting themes, including philosophy, mythology, and mysticism.

In Aditi, Parkes portrays the Vedic divine entity in a fascinating symbolic reimagination. The celestial creature bestows the goddess with profound gifts that give her power over life in the universe. Parkes captures the moment Aditi becomes a deity of time, space, consciousness, and fertility (symbolic of the egg perched close to the winged celestial creature).

Using a classic methodical approach, the artist creates a powerful representation of his theme. A rich, deep palette and extraordinary detailing make this work of art come alive.

Parkes demonstrates the purity and beauty of this print through stone lithography. Mount Aditi, alongside other litho works by Parkes to introduce understated elegance to a room.