Paul Lotz

About Paul Lotz

Immersed in the artistic aura of Italy, Paul Lotz found his calling amidst the legacy of Renaissance masters renowned for their detailed and emotive human sculptures. Starting his artistic career in ceramic sculpting in 2010, Lotz aspired to mirror the classical style of his forebears, aiming to reveal the concealed emotions and intimate states of the human psyche.

Lotz’s artistic expression underwent a significant evolution when he transitioned to bronze sculpting. This medium allowed him to further refine his craftsmanship and delve deeper into the emotional spectrum of his subjects. With bronze, his sculptures began to narrate stories, embodying new lives filled with meaning. The medium became a conduit for Lotz’s exploration of twisted realities and surreal fantasies, providing him with the tools to externalize a whimsical and occasionally sarcastic humor that had always resonated within him.

Merging the classical influences with his unique twist, Lotz’s creations aim to captivate and draw viewers into an immersive realm. His sculptures are an invitation to the audience to interrogate their perceptions, indulge in laughter, and become enveloped in the narratives he sculpts. Paul Lotz seeks to not just present a story through his work but to spark the imagination of the onlooker, prompting them to craft tales of their own.

A Barrel of Fun!
Bar Fly
Candle in the Wind
Carol Monkey
Chaplin Monkey
Counting Sheep
Crocodile Rock
Dodo on the GoGo
Fish Out of Water
Fly Frenchie, Fly
Going Bananas
Going Bananas 2
Happy Hour
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty w/ bronze wall base
I Believe
If I Was a Sculptor
I’m a Little Teapot
L & H Monkeys
Lady Godiva
Little Rascals
Lucky Streak
Mad Hatters
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Ode To Amelia Earhart
On the Go
Rocket Man
Run Like Hell
Ship Happens
Spirit of Calypso
Tee Time
The Monkey Bar
When Pigs Fly