Angel That Stops Time


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Explore the Marcus Ashley Gallery and its outstanding collection of fine art. Here, the patrons equally celebrate the work of local, national, and international artists under one roof. You’ll find that the gallery is also the perfect location to view and buy Michael Parkes art.

The artist exercises his skills, relying on historical techniques to highlight his themes. Parkes mastery of his craft and his attention to detail are evident in Angel That Stops Time. In this litho print, a radiant angel with platinum blonde, wavy hair is swathed in what appears to be a fabric of time. Parkes introduces a flurry of symbols and markings that signify the angel’s power of temporal stasis.

The angel is surrounded by celestial subjects watching over her as she assumes control over space and time. Parkes often includes a guard and a symbolic representation of a major cosmic event in his mystical works on unearthly female figures, as seen in the concealed figure with the moon and female guard in the front.

The artist relies on deep browns, greys, golds, blacks, and shades of white to animate the elements of this fantastical litho print. Careful brushstrokes and premeditated layers of ink create an awe-inspiring narrative in Angel That Stops Time.