Malcolm Tibbetts: Striking Wood Sculptures Artist

Malcolm Tibbetts is a master of the intricate art of segmented woodturning. The technique differs from conventional woodturning in that the segments of an art piece are individually crafted on a lathe (or “turned”) and combined to form a whole. Woodturning is an art form that demands great patience, skill, and imagination from the artist. Tibbetts showcases these qualities and more to create beautifully complex sculptures that are guaranteed to evoke fascination and appreciation. Marcus Ashley Gallery has Malcolm Tibbetts art for sale and we have many pieces and styles to choose from.

Photo of the artist Malcolm Tibbetts in an orange shirt at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Malcolm Tibbetts

I assembled my first two pieces of wood together at age five in my granddad’s workshop. He certainly passed on his love for woodworking; I’ve been a lifelong worker of wood ever since. In the mid 90’s, after building many furniture pieces, literally filling a house with handmade furniture, and after acquiring a shop full of tools, my woodworking journey took me to the wonderful world of segmented woodturning – a truly unique art form.

I have a wonderful marriage, two terrific grown children, three grandchildren (soon to be four), a very supportive wife (Tere), a successful past career in ski area management, and now plenty of personal time to pursue my woodturning passion.

My turnings have won many awards and prestigious collectors have acquired many of my pieces. With the founding of the Segmented Woodturners, and with my book and DVDs, I’d like to think that I’ve helped to promote and advance the art form know as “segmented woodturning.”

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Questions Answered

Malcolm spent his career in ski resort management and retired from Heavenly to become a full time segmented woodturner.

Segmented turning, also known as polychromatic turning, is a form of woodturning on a lathe where the initial workpiece is composed of multiple parts glued together. The process involves gluing several pieces of wood to create patterns and visual effects in turned projects.


Each piece is a contiguous structure that will coerce you into trying to discern where it begins and ends. Click on an artwork to see the inspiration and materials involved in creating it.


Malcolm Tibbets often combines several wood-types in a single sculpture to layer in complexity and allure. The artist fashions wood sculptures in a way that showcases his own flair as well as the natural beauty of the material.


Wood fashioned into exquisite vases that work equally well as a centerpiece or another addition to your art display. The beautifully laid out patterns will make you want to spend a long time admiring each piece.


Marcus Tibbets’ talent as a wood sculptures artist really shines with some of his abstract pieces. Each sculpture carries an inspiration and a theme that makes for a great story as you appreciate it. Click on one to learn more about it.

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Malcolm Tibbets at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Each Malcolm Tibbets piece is one of a kind. Don’t miss out on a chance to own a sculpture by a contemporary master of a rare and unique artform.

If this is the first time you’ve come across an artist who creates wood sculptures using segmented woodturning, you can learn more about it from some of our art consultants. Reach out to them with any questions you have and they’ll be happy to talk to you at length about Malcolm Tibbets and his work.

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