Child’s Play: The Chess Game


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a premier establishment for novice and seasoned collectors to buy Michael Parkes art in Lake Tahoe. Interested buyers will find that the patrons extend a host of luxury services whether one visits the gallery in person or online. From worldwide shipping to insuring every piece of art until it reaches the buyer, the gallery goes out of its way to put its clients and customers first.

Child’s Play is part of a two-part series. This litho print reveals a gathering of palace staff entertaining a little princess. Parkes introduces a lighthearted theme in Child’s Play: The Chess Game – that of pure innocence and love.

The artist uses a steady hand to carefully sketch every subject before infusing the print with warm tones of red, bluish grey, and ivory. Delicate layers of ink impart an ethereal vintage finish that is perfectly captured through the stone lithography process.

Using limestone slabs, Parkes renders every color through an unforgiving, time-consuming process. Parkes has perfected his approach to stone lithography over the years, even though the medium makes it impossible to correct errors during the process. Child’s Play: The Chess Game is a testament to the artist’s enduring superiority over this rare form of art.