When Women Rule The World


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In the captivating artwork titled ‘When Women Ruled the World’ by Michael Parkes, a grand and majestic portrayal unfolds, seamlessly blending elements of magical storytelling and fantasy. The central figure, a strong woman, radiates a dreamlike aura of serenity and power. Poised upon a large horse, she commands attention with a captivating presence that symbolizes both freedom and strength. Her sword that she has by her side is a butterfly sword, which means that she protects the weakest of everything that she has control over. A butterfly can live one day, but that is her purpose. If she can protect the weakest of all things, that means she can protect everything else.

This artwork weaves a symphony of symbolism and enchantment, crafting a timeless tale that celebrates the potential of women as leaders. The harmonious blend of figurative elements paints a romantic and imaginative narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where empowered women reign with grace and dignity. Parkes’ masterful brushwork weaves a rich tapestry that captures the essence of fantasy and reality, inviting observers into a realm where strong women command with unwavering independence.

This masterpiece is a heartfelt tribute to Michael Parkes’ resilient wife, who serves as the muse behind this beautiful creation. Through the interplay of magical storytelling and majestic imagery, ‘When Women Ruled the World’ stands as an ode to the captivating might of feminine strength. As one gazes upon this artwork, they are transported to a realm where imagination knows no bounds, and the grand narrative of empowered women unfolds in all its splendor. If the feminine energy of the world was in control this is what it would be like.

A word from Michael Parkes on “When Women Ruled the World”

I have a wonderful strong wife and I see her like a warrior. She has been a part of my life for 55 years. This painting is more or less for her. If the feminine energy of the world was in control, this is what it would be like.

She is mounted on a huge black animal, that is the power that she controls. Without strength. The power that she has to control her space is soft energy, not hard energy. The sword that she has by her side is a butterfly sword which means that she protects the weakest of everything that she has control over. A butterfly can live one day- why bother? But that is her purpose. If you can protect the weakest of all things that means that you can protect everything else. So this is my sense of what I try to portray. It’s an energy. It’s powerful, feminine energy, undiluted.

As human beings evolved and came more forward, the mixture of masculine and feminine energy has made it very difficult to see clearly what the world would be like if you had just the one element, the one energy to control. Feminine energy is purity, is beauty, balance and this sense of harmony. The deities, the archetypal deities that were feminine, this is what they brought to our planet. And that is what I was trying to portray.

The reason why I wanted to show it to you up close is because my sense of some of these big paintings can be, let’s say, more intimate. To walk by the painting, to be able to stroke the back of the black animal, as powerful as it is, is a wonderful feeling. For me this is the ultimate pleasure.

I have spent my life painting paintings because of the intricate detail, wanting them to be bigger but always compromising on the size because the large painting takes months to paint. The small painting, I can do in a month if I’m lucky.

Here is an opportunity – because when you look at the small paintings, you’re always coming in because you need to get close to see the details and to feel the atmosphere. The ultimate contradiction which I love- here is a very large image in a small space, so I can actually look and touch all the details and enjoy being literally in the image.