Surrender to the Light


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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With an incredible 4400 sq. feet of area that showcases its fine collections, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a colossal space. The gallery maintains an inviting vibe for visitors to view and buy art, memorabilia, and books. Along its winding walkways, you’ll also find Michael Parkes art – one that invites viewers to deep dive into the artist’s vivid imagination of the fantastical and majestic.

In his older work, Parkes often used symbolic references that supported his intriguing narratives. In Surrender to the Light, a creature in armor leans against an impressive warrior, offering her a flower. Her confident stance, a testament to her strength and valor, is in stark contrast to the grace of her feminine features. It is little wonder that the armored creature beside her appears enamored by her sheer power.

The jewel detailing in her hair and wings highlight her femininity that shines through. Precise, controlled sketching and mellow hues of ivory, cream, and cinnamon fill this litho print. Parkes allows the lithograph to speak for itself through his signature craftsmanship. Surrender to the Light, like other litho prints by the artist, will make a striking addition to any room.