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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Long ago, ancient Indians created a form of music, ragas, for specific moments of the day, knowing that as the sun journeyed over our earth’s surface, it brought with it qualities uniquely characteristic of that moment in time and space. Dusk is one of those auspicious moments, a time of repose, of reflection, and of preparing for sleep. It is also a doorway into other realms other than our own, if we dare to enter.” – Michael Parkes

Fans of surrealism and magic realism will be ecstatic to browse through Michael Parkes art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. His work beckons viewers to traverse to otherworldly plains where mystical creatures, celestial beings, and strange characters live in harmony.

The artist shares the narrative of Dusk in fascinating detail. Raga is a Sanskrit word for color or passion. It is a melodic framework that injects classical Indian music with a specific mood for different seasons or times of the day and is meant to evoke specific feelings.

In this print, Parkes paints a maiden playing a raga on an aulos that produces a haunting and magical sound. The melody and calming scent of burning incense fill the air. Rich, earthy tones coalesce to create a deeply riveting narrative in Dusk, highlighting the artist’s refreshing perspective and artistic mastery.