Diamond Warrior


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“The idea came from a dream I had of a desert that was so sulfuric and poisonous that nothing could survive. The Diamond Warrior, the purest of his species, protects the young angel in her crossing of that vast emptiness.” – Michael Parkes

Be prepared to be amazed by the incredible works of art on display along the length and breadth of the prestigious Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery’s collections also include  Michael Parkes art. Explore the artist’s exhaustive collections and deep dive into a world where the fine line between fantasy and reality ceases to exist.

This mesmerizing litho print of Diamond Warrior is one of several versions. This hand-pulled lithograph introduces a rich warmth to the features of the subjects in the painting. Parkes reanimates the details of a strange dream of two beautiful beings. The angel appears too young to have developed wings of her own. Seeing her plight, the helmeted warrior steps in to help her cross a dangerous landscape.

Parkes captures the warrior’s palpable strength in contrast to the delicateness of the angel with flawless detail. The artist draws attention to the warrior’s vigilant stance as he wraps the angel in a protective embrace. Diamond Warrior will be the perfect addition to a home with a whimsical aesthetic.