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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Visitors from around the world flock to the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view its grand collection of fine exhibits. The patrons proudly display the works of historic, emerging, and established artists of our time. Avid collectors will also find Michael Parkes art along the spacious walkways of this prestigious gallery.

Transcendental worlds emerge in rich colors and real-life details through the artist’s imaginative work. Parkes often uses symbolism in his collections to create a spellbinding narrative. In Spring, the artist reveals a guard holding a staff in one hand and a bunch of tulips in the other. The serpent-shaped gold staff has appeared in Parkes’s previous works, symbolizing the positively evolving energy of consciousness. Hummingbirds draw close to drink sweet nectar from the flowers as if they’re the source of divine consciousness.

In the artist’s fantastical realm, creatures big and small are blessed with consciousness akin to mortals. This makes them intelligent beings that commune with powerful celestial beings and deities.

Parkes highlights the transformative nature of spring. Soft, delicate colors fill this litho print with the hope and promise of profound change. Spring will add a tranquil, inviting vibe to any room it is mounted in.