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“Ex Libris is my homage to the wonderful world of books and all the people who love them.”

— Michael Parkes

For the Love of Literature

Parkes dedicates Ex Libris to bibliophiles and the magical world of books. In this sculpture, an angel sits on a tall pile of hardcover books atop a pedestal. She is engrossed in the book, the world therein just as fascinating as the ones she flits through every day on her wings.

In many ways, Michael Parkes’ Ex Libris is the very embodiment of the magical realism art style, where the mystical meets the real. Originally intended as a stone lithograph, Parkes was inspired to fashion it into a bronze sculpture. It’s available for sale in two different limited edition sizes. It comes to you personally signed and numbered by the artist.




Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


Enhance Your Space with Michael Parkes’ Ex Libris

Ex Libris is a special creation. Properly situated, it can add a lot of character to a room, lending it a pensive and dreamy mood.

Moreover, you can add a custom color patina to this sculpture to help it better complement your existing decor. Parkes employs special, historical techniques to customize the patina, giving it a classy finish that’s bound to catch the eye.

The sculpture itself is crafted using the ‘lost-wax’ method in Florence, Italy. Parkes uses hard wax to create the initial model. This allows him to express the finest details, including the angel’s delicate frame and features and the precise carvings along its wings. Once the model is ready, he creates a counter mold, which serves to make the final bronze casting.

Add the Work of a Master to Your Collection

Parkes truly is at the forefront of magical realism. Don’t miss out on a chance to collect your very own limited edition Ex Libris by Michael Parkes. Explore his other bronze sculptures for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery. If you’d like to know more, you can talk to one of our art experts who will assist you in finding the perfect piece for your space. New and seasoned art collectors who acquire this sculpture will find that it adds a charming spin to any room. Place it on a bookshelf or near a reading nook, and let Ex Libris speak for itself.

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