Watching Time


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Experience the beauty and majesty of the finest art in California right here at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery’s contemporary interiors and spacious walkways make it an idyllic location to display an artist’s work. The gallery is a treasure trove of art with collections from over 40 artists, including Michael Parkes art on display.

The artist is highly reputed for his hand-pulled lithographs that undergo a demanding process. Stone lithography is a technique that dates back several centuries to when artists relied on it as a go-to medium. Today, Parkes prefers to work with this rarely practiced form of creating art. Although the rendered results are produced almost immediately, the process requires an error-free approach.

In Watching Time, Parkes sketches a bewitching angel with an impressive pair of wings. Like a timekeeper, she watches over time from past to present to future. She doesn’t intervene in the events that unfold across the universe’s timelines but merely ensures that time moves as freely as it always has.

Bright marshmallow whites, delicate golds, and soothing gradient grays capture her magnificent aura and power. The translucent inks settle beautifully within the lines and contours without bleeding.

Parkes’s disciplined, assiduous approach and exquisite craftsmanship make him an extraordinary artist. Watching Time has been sourced by important figures and private collectors who deeply appreciate the artist’s unique work.