The Promise


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“She is the Angel of Hope. She cannot guarantee you happiness but she does offer the free will to search for it.” – Michael Parkes

It’s no surprise why the Marcus Ashley Gallery is the prime choice of local, national, and international artists to display their work. The patrons believe in honoring their work by creating a singular space where visitors can enjoy the collections on display. While browsing through the complete works, including Michael Parkes art, you’ll find that the gallery is truly a premier location to view and buy exhibits.

In The Promise, the artist shares how the angel depicted in this litho print symbolizes hope. As she sits atop her throne, you cannot help but stare intently at her delicate features and immaculate wings. She exudes power, pride, and self-assurance yet is compassionate and pure, sowing just enough hope in the hearts of men to keep them pushing forward.

The Promise, like several prints by Parkes, reveals another magnificent being exacting her feminine energy and strength. The generous layers of gold, caramel, and ivory make The Promise a regal limited-edition artwork that deserves a spot in an upscale residential or commercial space.