Barak Rozenvain

Photo of artist Barak Rozenvain with a mountainous backdrop, artist at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Barak Rozenvain

Inspired by the immense natural beauty of his home in Whistler, B.C., Canada, Barak Rozenvain recreates his favorite mountain and ski scenes from earth elements such as clay and sand for a very textured effect. Combining sculpting and painting into one art form, Barak essentially creates a sculpture on canvas. Barak will enter his studio alive with the feeling of the mountain’s rugged beauty after a long day on the slopes. Having spent his entire childhood observing different methods of painting, he was able to take his experience and translate his love for nature into his unique three dimensional pieces. 

Born into a family of artists, Barak was immersed in a creative environment from a very early age. Both of his parents, Michael Rozenvain and Aleksandra Rozenvain, are professional artists. Barak and his sister Miri spent countless hours in the family studio observing and learning from their parents. This experience strongly influenced Barak and provided great direction in his life. Throughout his youth he accompanied his parents to shows throughout Europe and North America, making the most of opportunities to visit museums and places of culture along the way.

Questions Answered

Barak Rozenvain was born into a family of artists. His parents, Michael Rozenvain and Aleksandra Savina Rozenvain, are both professional artists. He has a sibling, Miri, who is also an artist

Growing up in an artistic environment, Barak spent countless hours in his parents’ studios and accompanied them to art shows across Europe and North America. This immersion in the art world from an early age greatly influenced his artistic development​

Barak’s art is inspired by the natural beauty of his home in Whistler, B.C., Canada. He focuses on recreating mountain and ski scenes using natural elements like clay and sand to create dramatic effects. He also creates ocean scenes that depict the kinetic energy of crashing waves​

Barak’s work is distinguished by its three-dimensional aspect. He incorporates ecological themes and natural materials into his paintings, capturing the essence of North America’s western landscapes and seascapes. His technique makes his artwork instantly recognizable and intriguing