Michael Flohr

Michael Flohr’s modern impressionist paintings often capture scenes of city life or of the natural world that can be interpreted subjectively as social narratives or appreciated for just what they are – beautiful moments frozen in time. His style is best described as a kaleidoscope of abstract expressionism and impressionism, with visible inspiration from Cezanne, the French post-impressionist artist. Like Cezanne, Michael often uses pigment straight from the tube, employing bold, unadulterated colors to create vivid backdrops. Marcus Ashley Gallery hosts an impressive collection of Micahel Flohr art for you to explore, buy, and appreciate. Browse our collection below!

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Photo of artist Michael Flohr painting in front of a cityscape. His paintings are available at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Michael Flohr

“All I do is paint everyday. It’s an obsession, I can’t stop,” says Michael Flohr, a San Diego artist whose modern impressionist paintings of bar and cafe scenes and rainswept city streets offer a social commentary. In a way, Michael paints, rather than writes, his social commentary. “I am not the best writer,” he admits. “I have these great thoughts and they come out better on canvas than as written words on paper.” His bold, square brush strokes create almost a mosaic effect that tells the viewer a narrative through vivid, pure pigmented color, gesture, and subtlety.

When he was young, Flohr was diagnosed with dyslexia, and by second grade he had fallen behind in school. As a result, his parents signed him up for tutoring across all subjects, including art. It was here he excelled and felt his most self.

He would end up attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Encouraging him in his pursuit, his grandfather promised to pay half his college loans upon graduation. “It showed me he believed in me,” Flohr reminisced. In his final year at the academy he was accepted into New York’s Society of Illustrators.

Flohrs style has been described as a cornucopia of avante garde, abstract expressionism, and impressionism. He finds inspiration in the colors and techniques of Cezanne, who painted with pure pigment straight from the tube, in a style that Michael Flohr’s work emulates.

“I want to show that a painting doesn’t have to be challenging. It can be something that pleases your eye. It doesn’t have to have meaning. You don’t have to dissect it. Enjoy its beauty and what it brings to you.”

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Questions Answered

Michael Flofhr is considered to be a modern impressionist painter. Impressionist are usually  not trying to paint a reflection of real life, but an ‘impression’ of what the person, light, atmosphere, object or landscape looked like to them. This is apparent in his portrayals of bar scenes and city life.

YES! While Michael Flohr was in school he was selected to have an exhibition in DeYoung Museum in San Francisco.

Flohr does do commissions! If you have that special somewhere that you would love to be captured thorough an artists eyes, we can arrange that for you. Please reach out to your art consultant or give us a call at (530)544-4278 and we can get you started on a piece of art that will last for generations.


Don’t miss out on a chance to buy an original Michael Flohr oil on canvas. Every piece invites pause, provoking thought and lively conversation.

Limited Editions

Flohr’s limited edition giclees are signed, numbered, and hand-embellished by the artist. They make for great additions to any art display, and can be custom framed by us as per your request.

Beautiful Florence
Homage to Fred
London Rain
Luck of the Irish
Lunch with Degas
A Perfect Morning

Sold Originals / Commission Ideas


A coffee table book by Michael Flohr is guaranteed to be an interesting read at any time of the day. City Expressions is a hard-bound publication, over three years in the making, and features some of Flohr’s best work.

Modern Impressionist Paintings by Michael Flohr

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We also host art events throughout the year in South Lake Tahoe. If you’ve developed a fascination for Micahel Flohr’s work, check out our upcoming events to see if he’s scheduled to appear at one anytime soon, where you can meet him in person.

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