Moonbeam Dragon


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

The term magic realism was first coined by Franz Roh, a German art critic, historian, and photographer. This influence stems from dream-like, fantastical ideas that often surpass logic and conventional painting styles. Michael Parkes art is steeped in magic realism that will reel viewers with its strange beauty and reliable themes. Avid and newbie collectors will find a vast collection of the artist’s work at the Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Parkes’s beloved mythical character comes to life in Moonbeam Dragon. The small yet strong creature sits on its haunches on a sturdy plinth, balancing a crescent moon on its snout. Its powerful build and stubby features accurately captured in this sculpture are a testament to the artist’s skill and dexterity. It seems as if the winged creature will spring to life at any moment.

The mythical creature first appeared in the painting Ex Libris and is now part of an extensive series that places the dragon in the spotlight.

It’s remarkable how the dragon we’ve often viewed in Parkes’ paintings and lithographs is brought to life in 3D form. The Moonbeam Dragon sculpture is available in three rich patinas that beautifully highlight its form