Child’s Play: The String Game


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Lake Tahoe is an idyllic tourist destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and art aficionados. After a day of exploration, visitors will enjoy browsing through the exhibits, including Michael Parkes art, at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. It is a joy to collect this well-known artist’s work that portrays fantastical yet relatable themes.

Child’s Play by Parkes is a two-part series of litho prints. In this particular print titled Child’s Play: The String Game, the palace staff partakes in a little princess’s shenanigans. The girl holds on to one end of a string with a dragon holding on to the other end as a cub attempts to jump over a spinning top perched on it. The palace’s staff and tigress watch in alarm as the cub gleefully leaps into the air.

The artist reveals the playful princess’s transition to a daring adolescent. Soft, muted tones of bluish-grey, gold, tan, and ivory fill the print with a distinct, refined finish. Parkes expertly creates this print through the stone lithography process, which involves the use of limestone slabs infused successively with as many as 10 colors of paint to produce the desired effect.

To create the perfect art duo, collectors can mount Child’s Play: The String Game alongside the artist’s second variant entitled Child’s Play: The Chess Game.