Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen is at the forefront of hyperreal watercolor painting and an early pioneer of the technique. We have been representing Christensen for years and consider him an extension of our gallery family! His work is highly sought after, often by past collectors of his creations. To learn more about watercolor artist Eric Christensen, talk to one of our professional art consultants. They’re highly trained experts, who will walk you through exactly what it takes to bring these incredible visions to life.

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Photo of artist Eric Christensen holding a red wine glass. His paintings are for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen began painting professionally in 1992. Since that time he has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation for painting the California wine country . He employs his ‘patented’ Christensen watercolor technique, which allows him to create images of vibrant color that go beyond the look and depth of a high quality photograph.

Christensen now finds himself unique in his field. In fact, he is the only known artist capable of hyper realism through use of standard transparent watercolor.

Christensen began to develop his interest in painting, as well as botany, classical music, and gourmet cooking as a child in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over time he has acquired a commanding knowledge in each of these fields, which has blended to make him a preeminent artist of today. In addition to his interests, Christensen also derives inspiration from the wine country surrounding his home, which is invariably portrayed in his paintings. 

Eric Christensen’s watercolor “wine art” begins where most contemporary wine artists leave off. Christensen loves to capture the romance of the wine country, which he points out, “is so much more than just the wine”. Collectors of Christensen’s watercolor art typically own several of his creations, and enjoy the varied themes they portray; Lifelike landscapes and intimate still life paintings that incorporate a variety of elements including food, flowers and fruit.

Once he realized that he could concentrate his passion for painting into a career, Christensen opened his own Art Gallery in Yountville, California, a small picturesque town in the heart of the Napa Valley. This venture proved very successful, netting Christensen exposure in national magazines, newspapers and a national television spot on Wine Country Living. Christensen however, decided to close his gallery in 2003, allowing him to devote his full attention to painting. Christensen continues to paint stunning images that transport us to the Napa Valley lifestyle.

Meet America’s Contemporary Watercolor Master: Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen is a watercolor artist whose work draws from the California landscape, particularly wine country. His vivid creations capture hyper-realistic images of wine, fresh produce, and the lush landscape surrounding him. His paintings are often rendered in beautiful, saturated colors that are a result of his meticulous multi-layered watercolor technique. This method allows him to infuse vibrancy and a lifelike quality to his images that is lacking even in some high-definition photographs. Whether you’re a repeat collector, a fellow wine-lover, or someone who’s just discovered him, his work is a dazzling experience sure to bring joy and wonder to your space.

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Questions Answered

Nope! Eric Christensen is a hyperrealism artist who uses layers of water colors to achieve this effect. If you look closely at a print or an original you will see the layers of color. Eric Christensen art can trick you into thinking it’s photogrpah due to how talented the Eric is.

Yes! Eric Christensen commissions are always so special because of the time and care he puts into painting them. An Eric Christensen commission  doesn’t have to be of your favorite beverage and Napa landscape. He has a vast artistic range and has thrilled clients with stunning pieces of intimate things such as home bars, heirlooms, and seascapes. 

Eric Christensen does, but he uses the photos to get a general concept; Eric often takes ideas from multiple photos and combines elements to create the final product. Christensen will also tweak the image a few times in his initial sketch to be sure he is happy with angels, lighting and perspective before laying down paint.

How long it takes to complete a painting drastically  depends on how large the painting is, and how much detail is going into it. Eric Christensen produces only 4-5 originals per year. Christensen completed his very first Tahoe themed original “Tahoe Blue” for our gallery.

Yes! Many of Eric’s works you can recognize an exact location. Eric Christensen will extensively photograph his subjects to use as references for the months it takes to complete a painting. If his intent is for the scenery to be distinguishable, he will assure every attention to detail.  

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Christensen original. The stunning still-life and landscape paintings are created using his own patented watercolor technique and are one-of-a-kind. The purchase of each of his originals comes with complimentary custom-framing and shipping.

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Limited Editions

Choose from multiple sizes and presentation options, including unframed and gallery wrapped. Each limited edition giclee of an Eric Christensen original is done on stretched canvas, signed and numbered by the artist, and is delivered to you ready to be hung.

A Cake Walk
A Moment of Reflection
A Revelation
Another Round
Cabernet Day
Color Convention
Destination Napa
Duel Contenders
Elegant Afternoon
Estate of Bliss
Finest Hour
Flavorable Outlook
French Connection
Gold Rush
Golden Glow
High Point
Holding Court
Let’s Get Crackin’
Mission Accomplished
Napa Valley Memories II
Pardon Me
Passion for Pinot
Perfectly Frank
Salute to Summer
Season Finale
Sonoma Kitchen
Sparkling Proposal
Standing Tall
Starting Fresh
Suite Retreat
Tahoe Blue
Taste of Glory
Taste of Success
The Calm Between Two Storms
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Sold Originals / Commission Ideas

Eric Christensen and Marcus Ashley Gallery

His original editions include custom framing by our framing specialists. Our art experts will be happy to work with you to find a style that does the justice to both the artwork and your own home decor. Explore our services to learn about everything we offer our clients and customers. We offer fully insured international shipping with 0% financing and layaway options. We also provide yearly certificates of replacement value for our clients so that your artwork is properly insured and protected.

If you love Eric Christensen’s work and you find it struck a chord within you, then you can potentially meet him in person at one of our events, too!