Lyman Whitaker

About Lyman Whitaker

Lyman has been a practicing sculptor for over fifty years, with a unique knowledge of materials and their application. The past three decades Whitaker has primarily been focusing on creating Wind Sculptures. His Wind Sculptures are well respected for quality craftsmanship because of their high degree of mechanical integrity and artistic innovation.

The receptivity to his work has allowed Lyman to create a wonderful studio where he works with wife Stacy and his brother, John Whitaker. Together they have created a productive network.  Lyman graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Utah. He studied under Avard Fairbanks and Angelo Carvaglia, learning classical sculpture techniques as well as contemporary design. Lyman resides with  Stacy and their youngest of two children in Southwest Utah.

Lyman’s sculptures have an organic and mystical theme, as does his current philosophy; Concerned about the sustainability of our culture’s present systems, Lyman’s fondest dream is to have his artwork symbolize a move toward better solutions in our relationship with the environment.

“I care deeply about our ecosystem and the world’s societal impact on it. As an artist, I can express my concern for the survival of our planet through a creative medium. The Wind Sculptures, my current work, offer a comforting release from our fast-paced lives with their calm serenity and playfulness. By organically placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, the sculptures rise out of the ground to symbolize creative energy, and the kinetic elements, new opportunities. I hope that my sculptures will generate a sense of interest and delight shared and enjoyed by a broad array of people.”

Copper Wind Sculpture

Bean Pole
Desert Lily
Double Dancer
Double Spinner
Red Ginger
Twister Oval
Twister Star

Stainless Steel Wind Sculpture