Lyman Whitaker

Lyman Whitaker’s wind sculptures are whimsical and playful while still offering incredible craftsmanship and a genuine philosophy and worldview. He uses his concern about the environment and our societal impact on it to fuel his artwork, forcing viewers to appreciate the natural world that brings out the best in his pieces.

If you’re interested in these wind sculptures for sale, speak with one of our art consultants at Marcus Ashley Gallery today. Whether you want just one or a garden full of beautiful, fanciful, spinning art, we can help you choose the perfect pieces for your home while providing a luxury experience online.

Photo of an artist named Lyman Whitaker posing in front of his sculptures at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Lyman Whitaker

For over 50 years, Lyman has mastered the art of sculpture across various materials and forms. Wind sculptures have been his primary focus for over three decades now, and these pieces are well-respected for their quality craftsmanship, superior mechanical integrity, and artistic innovation.

The receptivity to his work has allowed Lyman to create a wonderful studio where he works with wife Stacy and his brother, John Whitaker. Together they have created a productive network. Lyman graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Utah. He studied under Avard Fairbanks and Angelo Carvaglia, learning classical sculpture techniques as well as contemporary design. Currently, Lyman resides with Stacy and their youngest of two children in Southwest Utah.

With an organic and mystical theme woven throughout each piece, Lyman’s artwork is also infused with his current philosophy toward the sustainability of our culture’s present systems. Lyman’s deepest hope is that his artwork can symbolize a move toward better solutions in our relationship with the environment.

“I care deeply about our ecosystem and the world’s societal impact on it. As an artist, I can express my concern for the survival of our planet through a creative medium. The Wind Sculptures, my current work, offer a comforting release from our fast-paced lives with their calm serenity and playfulness. By organically placing the sculptures in settings dependent on natural elements for movement, the sculptures rise out of the ground to symbolize creative energy, and the kinetic elements, new opportunities. I hope that my sculptures will generate a sense of interest and delight shared and enjoyed by a broad array of people.”

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Questions Answered

It will take eight to twelve weeks from the date you order to receive a small, medium or large wind sculpture, and twelve to twenty weeks to receive extra-large and larger. The wind sculptures are hand made and shipped to you directly from the artist.  When you purchase a wind sculpture an art consultant will reach out to you and share your target ship date.

Lyman Whitaker’s copper wind sculptures can handle snow, rain and saltwater with no issues at all! Whitaker’s stainless steel wind sculptures are more sensitive to saltwater, but are perfectly happy in rain or snow.

Yes! The Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures will come ready to install! Our instructions include diagrams to keep things simple. All you need is a philips-head screwdriver, level, crescent wrench and cement if you would like to anchor the ground mounting pin in concrete. We recommend doing so if you plan to keep your kinetic sculpture in the same spot for years. We also have deck mounts! Just ask an art consultant for more details.

Whitaker wind sculptures are stunning on their own, but designed to be in a garden of their own with other sculptures. Need help pairing your sculptures? Our art consultants are available seven days a week to help you decide!

Yes! All wind sculptures are speed tested up to 90 miles per hour.

Whitaker wind sculptures are built to withstand the elements and designed to be durable, but sometimes things happen! Because we and the Whitaker team are confident in the quality of these sculptures, we have a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. 

‘The Whitaker Studio has the following warranty policy:

For up to 3 years from date of purchase, they guarantee the pieces in full and will bear all costs associated with repair. This includes any shipping costs from and to your location, materials and labor regardless of where or who performs the repair. If repairs are to be done onsite you must first contact and receive approval from the studio to be reimbursed for those efforts.  

3-5 years from date of purchase The Whitaker Studio will guarantee it’s work with the exception of shipping costs. The studio bears the costs related to labor and materials for the repair. You bear the costs of getting the artwork to the studio and return after repair.

5 years and beyond The Whitaker Studio will repair their work but you are responsible for the shipping costs plus labor and material costs for the repair. The fee for labor and material will be determined and communicated by the studio prior to work being done.

Copper Wind Sculpture

With the deliberate use of color and luster in metal, Lyman Whitaker’s wind sculptures evoke the feeling of the desert whether you’re in the heat of Arizona or the snows of Alaska. The combination of the copper and blue hues help you mentally travel to the sun and sand of the Old West, but the spinning nature of the work from this artist combined with the natural elements that help it move, like the wind, keep you tethered in the present day. It’s all the best of modern art combined with the infinity of work that has stood the test of time.

Bean Pole
Desert Lily
Double Dancer
Double Helix Horizontal
Double Helix Sail
Double Helix Vertical
Double Spinner
Red Ginger
Single Helix Oval
Single Helix Star
Star Dancer Horizontal
Star Dancer Vertical
Twister Oval
Twister Star

Stainless Steel Wind Sculpture

Some stainless steel Lyman Whitaker pieces are versions of his copper wind sculptures with a brighter metal finish. Others are totally unique. All of these wind sculptures for sale are beautiful, tranquil, and fascinating, with superior craftsmanship and artistic thought. Reflective and light-catching, these stainless steel Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures can’t help but draw the viewer’s attention, particularly when capturing the sun and/or the wind.

Eclipse – Stainless Steel
Galaxy – Stainless Steel
Mandala – Stainless Steel
Meridian – Stainless Steel
Nebula – Stainless Steel
Sail – Stainless Steel
Stream – Stainless Steel
Zephyr – Stainless Steel

Marcus Ashley Gallery:

The South Lake Tahoe Gallery with the Wind Sculptures Out Front

If you want to buy wind sculptures, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the best destination around for Whitaker’s iconic and eye-catching works of art. Since each of these pieces is hand-made and shipped directly to you from Lyman Whitaker himself, you can be sure that they’re genuine and high quality every time.

Our art consultants on staff at Marcus Ashley Gallery will work with you one-on-one to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need, from the art itself to installation tools and instructions. The shipments are fully insured, no matter where in the world they go. Experience luxury customer service online for yourself. Shop Lyman Whitaker’s art today.