Rainbow Sphinx


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Lake Tahoe is a utopia of mountain vistas, crystal-clear waters, and verdant ravines. The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery share a common love for this slice of heaven and the Sierra Nevada. For over 18 years, the gallery has been expanding its eclectic oeuvre by local, national, and international artists. Visitors get to explore the impressive exhibits, including Michael Parkes art, on display.

The artist is a virtuoso of magic realism paintings, sculptures, and lithographs that reveal his deeply fascinating imagination. He portrays mythical creatures, beasts, and beings in stark detail, giving viewers a glimpse of alternate worlds.

In Rainbow Sphinx, the artist draws the Greek mythical creature enthralled by a maiden. The sphinx’s humanoid face, leopard body, and majestic falcon wings reveal a mesmerizing balance of tonal depth and detail.

Parkes sketches and then paints the sphinx and maiden with a steady, controlled hand. The result is a grand litho print injected with mystery and a fantastical representation of love. Unlike its reputation of being evil and vicious, the sphinx appears to be calm, tame, and enamored by the lovely maiden.

The artist relies on layers of delicate and rich paint in Rainbow Sphinx to capture the beauty and purity of his subjects through stone lithography.