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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is tucked at the heart of the bustling district of Heavenly Village in Lake Tahoe. After a day of exploring the streets of this friendly neighborhood, do come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view some of the world’s most sought-after art. From sculptures and lithographs to figurines and paintings, the gallery is filled with an array of exquisite works, including Michael Parkes art. The artist’s work will instantly transport viewers to fantastical realms conjured by the artist’s imagination.

In The Key, the artist draws a shackled angel in a high tower close to being rescued as a swan swoops down from the sky with a key in its bill. Perhaps an evil sorcerer, witch, or possessive lover wanted the angel locked away from prying eyes. She looks helpless yet relieved to be so close to freedom.

Parkes sketches a riveting narrative and diffuses his subjects with muted, creamy tones that give this litho print a classic folklore art finish. He relies on the stone lithography process to impart a distinct, unmarred purity.

The Key is an essential print to acquire by avid collectors and fans of Parkes.