Sacred Fire I


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Visitors from far and wide visit the Marcus Ashley Gallery to view and buy some of the world’s most prized exhibits. The gallery is home to Michael Parkes art, an awe-inspiring collection of magic realism sculptures, paintings, and litho prints. The artist is known for his meticulous brushwork, methodical approach, and refreshing perspective. His work is highly sought after by celebrities and private collectors from around the world.

Building a sacred fire is a common practice overseen by a firekeeper who conducts the ritual as per a culture’s tradition. Many consider the sacred fire a communicative doorway between the living and dead, particularly one’s ancestors.

In Sacred Fire, Parkes depicts a firekeeper stoking a deep bowl. The artist uses instantly recognizable marks and symbols to create a mystical aura in the litho print. Deep tones of black, burgundy, grey, and bronze coalesce with muted hues of ivory and cream to breathe life into this intriguing narrative.

Parkes relies on the arduous stone lithography process to create a surreal composition of value and balance. This impressive litho print will leave viewers in an almost meditative state that can be both calming and invigorating.

Collectors can mount Sacred Fire in any room to create a powerful yet serene aesthetic.