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“As she begins to leave childhood, innocence mixes with knowledge to create magic. She is a magician’s daughter, raised with ancient wisdom that she begins to play with for the first time.”

– Michael Parkes


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

Gargoyles is an intriguing and stunning example of magical realism. It employs the subdued color palettes so characteristic of Parkes’ work. Available in limited-edition, signed prints, Michael Parkes’ Gargoyles shows a girl on the cusp of adulthood, coming into her own. She combines her youthful innocence and deep intuition to conjure an almost magical reality. In doing so, she learns to play with her “powers” for the first time, as is symbolized by her breathing life into the gargoyle which springs forth into the world.

With Gargoyles, Michael Parkes wanted to emphasize the girl’s verve and fearlessness. This is evident in the way he portrays her as casting aside her teddy bear and skipping rope, and standing at the edge of the tower to exercise her powers. The painting also carries themes of freedom and pleasure in that while she’s controlling the gargoyles, she’s also liberating them to let them pursue their own will.

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