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Shipping and Framing

This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

This exquisite painting, titled “Dreaming,” is an original masterpiece by the renowned artist Michael Parkes. It stands alone in its rarity as the only known original work by Parkes currently available for sale, making it a highly coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts of Parkes‘ art.

“Dreaming” captures the ethereal quality that Parkes is famed for, with a subject that appears to be suspended in a state of serene repose. The painting features a female figure, her form rendered with soft, flowing lines that convey a sense of gentle motion, as though she is drifting through the dreamscape. The figure’s wings, a hallmark of Parkes’ fascination with fantasy and the mystical, are detailed with meticulous care, their feathers cascading elegantly to create a striking contrast with the subtle hues of the background.

The use of color in “Dreaming” is understated yet impactful. The warm golds and cool greys create a harmonious palette that complements the subject’s tranquil demeanor. Parkes‘ skill in blending the real with the surreal is evident in the precise detail and the dreamlike atmosphere that pervades the composition.

Framed with a sophisticated, decorative border that enhances its visual appeal, this painting is not only a testament to Parkes‘ artistic prowess but also a piece that invites contemplation and introspection. It is a sublime addition to any collection, promising to be the centerpiece of any room it adorns. The acquisition of “Dreaming” is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Parkes’ legacy, an artwork that encapsulates the magic and beauty of his vision.

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