Beyond the Night


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Lake Tahoe is home to idyllic paths amidst nature and unending mountain vistas. After a day of outdoor fun, spend an unforgettable time with some of the world’s best art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Come and browse through the collection of Michael Parkes art that will leave you spellbound over the artist’s imaginative, otherworldly characters.

Beyond the Night captures the artist’s keen eye for detail and understanding of color intensities. Controlled, gentle brushwork reveals a magical celestial being swooping through the night sky. Her impressive wings slice through the air, propelling her lithe, delicate figure forward. The artist carefully creates the angel’s anatomy and powerful features through distinct brushstrokes. Notice how lifelike her wings appear – a result of Parkes’s uncanny ability to create depth and dimension.

The artist relies on the arduous process of stone lithography that he thoroughly enjoys working on in his studio. Beyond the Night, like other litho prints by Parkes, will instantly elevate a room’s aesthetics. This eye-catching lithograph invites contemplation and conversations and will be the focal point of any room. Interested buyers can have  Beyond the Night framed by the gallery’s staff on request.


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