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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Immerse your senses in Michael Parkes art—a marvelous collection by an artist whose works blur the line between reality and fantasy. Several visitors who come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to take a closer look at the exhibits on display have turned into his ardent fans. Parkes’s work has also been acquired by celebrities and private collectors from around the world. Collectors outside Lake Tahoe can explore Parkes’ art at leisure through the gallery’s online portal.

In Oasis, the artist sketches a lovely maiden enjoying the tranquil surroundings of her private haven. Parkes adorns her with exquisite jewelry that underscores the beauty of her fiery red hair and faultless figure. Every contour and dip of his subject’s form is captured with an exceptional eye for detail. It’s what makes Parkes such a talented artist.

The artist reaches for rich and soft hues that bring every element to life. Distinct sketching and sheer paint add layers of mystery and raw finesse to this litho print aptly titled Oasis.

Take home this incredible work of art by Parkes that will only appear more beautiful and intriguing with time. Visitors can explore the artist’s collection of litho prints created through the original stone lithography process.