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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a spacious establishment that curates and displays Michael Parkes art. The artist is highly acclaimed for his magic realism work that explores otherworldly subjects in stark detail. Parkes has developed a series of unique approaches as an artist, and these techniques make his work immediately recognizable.

The city of Persepolis was a large complex of grand quarters or “palaces.” The purpose of these rooms is still unclear to historians who have studied the Persian structure extensively over the centuries. In the world of Parkes, the marble palace exists in pristine condition in this print entitled Persepolis.

In this litho print, a maiden comfortably seated in her high tower observes the city spread out below. Her feline companions keep watch with her. She is shrouded in regal garb and adorned with gold baubles that amplify her royal status. The artist relies on rich jewel tones of red, blue, and gold to introduce an air of grandeur.

Visitors that enter a room with this litho print on display will immediately be drawn to its beauty. Persepolis is sure to encourage animated chatter and several minutes of deep thought.