The Egg Collector


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“The collectors are creatures that find things of extraordinary interest and beauty. But what is so special about a strawberry, an egg, or a frog, you might ask? The collectors show a way for us to stop the grinding thoughts of our mind and simply be with a timeless flower, seahorse, or hummingbird. Every person has at least one object that will stop time for them. What is yours?” – Michael Parkes

Revel in the impressive collections on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery that celebrates the work of local, national, and international artists. This contemporary, charming space is home to Michael Parkes art, including paintings, sculptures, and lithographs based on magic realism.

Parkes has created several peculiar yet endearing dwarfed characters with a fascination for beautiful things. Several pieces of his work portray the mystical creatures observing pretty items up-close.

In The Egg Collector, the character eyes a hatching egg while carrying a large one in a makeshift bag. Even his little helper scours for eggs to add to his collection.

The Egg Collector demonstrates precisely drawn lines, contours, and forms infused with delicate, intense hues. It’s the perfect lithograph to add to one’s growing collection of the artist’s signature prints.