Designing the Sphinx


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery curates a formidable collection of exhibits in Lake Tahoe. Whether visitors peruse the works online or in person, the gallery presents a slew of luxury services and up-to-date information on the collections. The staff is happy to help with queries on the works, including Michael Parkes art, on display. At the gallery, art connoisseurs will not only get to acquire the best exhibits but also learn plenty about the artists behind the works.

In Designing the Sphinx, Parkes reveals the beginnings of the mythical creature’s existence as a protector of temples and tombs. A celestial being carefully adds the finishing touches to an impressive Sphinx that features a humanoid head and the body of a lion. Its majestic falcon wings rest on its muscular back as the angel bestows it with the attributes that will allow it to assume a position of power.

The artist uses a subdued palette of cream and ivory with a gradient of marshmallow blue and pink that brings this print to life. Every contour, line, and filling is immaculately laid on the medium, drawing emphasis on Parkes’s mesmerizing subjects.

 Designing the Sphinx will instantly elevate an upscale residential or commercial space with mysticism and magic.