Mario Jung

The artist Mario Jung has perhaps one of the most inspiring personal stories you’ll come across in an artist. Being able to overcome incredible adversity to regain the use of his physical faculties is a testament to his strength of will. It’s also the genesis of his uniquely flexible painting style that showcases versatility and determination at the same time. Read more about his story below.

Mario Jung Paintings — Contemporary Impasto Landscapes

Artist Mario Jung working in his studio. His works are available online at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Mario Jung

Myung Mario Jung was born on September 14th, 1949 in Seoul, Korea. His promising career as an artist began in the mid 80’s, but his life changed dramatically after a catastrophic fall from a third story balcony which left Mario blind, deaf and paralyzed. Not even interested in eating, Mario had given up, until he had a spiritual dream that renewed his strength and his will to live. Mario made a full recovery, amazing and perplexing his doctors, family and friends. Since then he has meticulously developed his flexible artistic style. 

Mario’s tremendous popularity is highlighted by his ability to paint in many diverse styles ranging from classic and realistic styles, to passionate impasto paintings with richly textured details. His extraordinary use of light, reflection, dramatic brush strokes and attention to detail are unique traits in his style of painting and distinguish his work from his contemporaries. He studied at the Seoul Industrial Junior College, from which he graduated in 1971. In July 1986, he entered the Exhibition of Fine Art of the Seoul Artists Association, and was awarded the Grand Prize of Western style painting, and was invited to become a member of the Seoul Artists Association. His work has also been submitted to the Korea Art Exhibition, the New York Art Expo, and the Han Kook Art and Culture Association. This has built Mario a strong reputation as an outstanding national and international artist.

Questions Answered

Yes! All of Mario Jung’s works are original.

When Mario Jung was devastatingly injured to the point where he was blind, deaf and paralyzed, he had visions of beautiful scenery; The paintings Mario Jung has created are a reflection of those visions and dreams.

Yes, Mario Jung will work with clients to design the oil painting of their dreams. If you find elements of multiple paintings you like, he can take those inspirations and create something uniquely your own.

Mario Jung exclusively works with oil. He paints layer by layer, creating a beautiful dimensional piece.

Textural & Colorful Landscape Paintings

Mario Jung’s paintings are colorful landscapes, with styles that range from classical realism to poignant impasto. The latter, in particular, is a hallmark of Jung’s work. He lays the paint on his canvas thick enough to hold the imprint of his brush, creating vibrant scenes and vistas. His landscapes tend to focus on a central part of nature, such as trees or mountains, with open fields or forest surrounding them. His oils on canvas are available for you to browse and buy, right here at Marcus Ashley Gallery. Don’t miss out on the chance to own an original Mario Jung!


Sold Originals / Commission Ideas

Original Mario Jung Paintings at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Inspired by the artwork you see here? We suggest talking to one of our art consultants for a deeper understanding into what drives Mario Jung as an artist and the technique he employs. You’ll find them very knowledgeable about everything art-related and willing to discuss the finer points of an artist’s style and method. If you need help deciding between specific pieces, we can also help you determine what would work best for your space.

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