Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov was introduced to the great artistic treasures of St. Petersburg by her parents. Born in Leningrad, former Soviet Union, Maya spent many hours at The Hermitage museum studying the work of great masters, especially the works of post-impressionist period and the Russian avant-garde. The color palettes of Matisse, Gauguin and Renoir’s works greatly influenced Maya Eventov’s love of color. Maya derived her sense of balance and composition from the works of Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzky and Kazimir Malevich. At the same time, Maya also studied and explored the works of old masters, learning the value of detail and light.

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About Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov was raised in Leningrad, which is now known as St. Petersburg, in the former Soviet Union. This city is renowned for its captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage. From a young age, her parents exposed her to the remarkable artistic treasures that the city had to offer. She spent countless hours at the magnificent Hermitage Museum, immersing herself in the works of renowned masters. The post-impressionists and the Russian Avant-Garde artists particularly captured her interest. The vibrant palettes of Matisse and Gauguin influenced her perception of color, while the artistic styles of Rodchenko and Malevich shaped her understanding of balance and composition.
From the age of six onwards, Eventov dedicated herself to the study of art in various forms, her initial training was very traditional, focusing mainly on high realism. She was admitted to the esteemed High School #190, which is affiliated with the St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts.
As Eventov grew as an artist, she gradually began exploring abstractions, and allowing her works to become more expressive, moving away from pure realism into a looser, more interpretive approach. Eventov continued to experiment with various techniques that enabled her to apply paint in new ways, emphasizing color and texture over strictly representational accuracy.   She utilizes the palette knife to create striking textures, blending, and scraping the paint to produce dramatic visual effects. Her expressive application of paint in layers of bright, bold color makes the work feel alive and gives Eventov’s paintings a vivid, tactile quality that captures the viewer’s imagination. To add depth and detail to her artwork, Eventov employs smaller knives, which contribute to the overall intricacy of her paintings. Furthermore, she applies a series of varnishes specifically designed to create a “wet paint effect,” enhancing the overall texture and vibrancy of her pieces.
Eventov’s collection is anchored by her birch tree series, which holds personal meaning for the artist. Through meticulous strokes, lifelike trees emerge with prominent knots in the bark and seemingly gently swaying leaves. Observing these paintings, one can almost sense the rustling of the slender branches in the wind. The diverse color palette beautifully captures the play of sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a warm glow on the forest floor. In her Mediterranean themed landscapes, Eventov expertly constructs fictional and idealized settings that encapsulate the pure joy of unrestricted freedom beneath a vibrant azure sky and within idyllic cafes.


Eventov’s paintings are brought to life using smaller strokes, allowing the viewer’s eye to respond to the delicate changes in color and tone. This results in a mesmerizing visual journey. As she evolved as an artist, she explored different color applications and the palette knife technique, all of which have contributed to the distinctly unique and recognizable nature of her work.
Eventov’s artistic journey was greatly influenced by the fall of the “Iron Curtain,” which allowed her to travel and explore the lands of her dreams. In the early 1990s, she immigrated to Canada, where her artwork was immediately appreciated, and she quickly became involved in the local art scene. Presently, Eventov and her family reside just outside of Toronto, Ontario.
On May 22nd, 2013, Eventov received recognition for her contributions to the art world. Skills for Change in Toronto, Ontario honored her as a Pioneer for Change Honoree and presented her with the Women in Leadership Award. Pioneers for Change, established in 1992, serves as a platform for Skills for Change to raise awareness and acknowledge the positive impact and significant contributions immigrants have made in Canada through various initiatives.
Eventov draws inspiration from various landscapes around the world, constantly evolving and reimagining her artistic creations. This ongoing creative journey enhances the allure and beauty of her work, guaranteeing that her pieces will adorn walls globally for many years to come. Her artwork is showcased in galleries throughout Canada, Great Britain, and the United States, while also being cherished in prestigious private collections such as those of Jean Chretien, George and Laura Bush, Oscar Peterson, and Justin Trudeau, among numerous others.

Maya immigrated to Canada in 1990 where she now resides with her husband and two children. Her style of work has changed over the years, something she attributes to a happier, safer, and more secure life she built in North America. Maya Evantov loves rich, bold and bright colors of Mediterranean and often portrays scenes from her travels in her landscapes and in still-life backgrounds.

Maya developed her unique technique of etching in oil, drawing from techniques from Fabergé Egg designs in Russian museums from her youth. Her works inspire feelings of happiness, wellbeing, and joy. Her intention is to evoke the warmth of afternoon sun and the heat of the sidewalk, the smell of exotic flowers and the taste of ripe fruit. Through her art, she wants you to wander the roads of Tuscany with her, or enjoy a quiet moment in an overstuffed armchair somewhere in Spain.

Questions Answered

Maya Eventov uses acrylic paints and creates the depth using a pallet knife. All of the paintings you see by Maya are entirely done by carefully piling on large amounts of acrylic paint onto canvas with her pallet knife. This creates a texture that you will very rarely see in the world of art.

Maya attributes her happy subject matters with the joyous life she crafted after moving to North America.

Maya does to commissions! Reach out to your art consultant or give us a call at (530)544-4278 to learn more about how to get your very own Maya Eventov commission in your house!

Maya Eventov: Natural Splendor Brought to Life with a Bold Palette

Browse through a wide selection of Maya Eventov paintings, available for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery. Her originals are all acrylic on canvas, capturing the raw beauty of the natural landscape. You’ll find a number of birch tree paintings that juxtapose bold seasonal colors against serene backdrops.

Maya Eventov Paintings Available for Sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery

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