The Riddle


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a premier location to view and buy contemporary, avant-garde, abstract, hyper-realism, and surrealism art. While browsing through the collections, you’ll find Michael Parkes art showcased in all its glory. Explore the artist’s imaginative worlds brought to life through techniques that give his work an ethereal effect.

In Greek mythology, the sphinx was a creature with a woman’s head, the haunches of a lion and the wings of a falcon. Legend reveals that she was ruthless to those who failed to answer her riddle.

In The Riddle, Parkes portrays a maiden with an egg in her palm. She appears lost in deep thought as if trying to solve the cryptic riddle put forth by the sphinx. The artist relies on a muted palette of cream, beige, powder blue, and ivory with deeper tones of granite and ash, adding a distinct contrast that highlights the subjects of this print.

Precise lines and smooth contours elevate the intriguing narrative. Interested buyers will appreciate Parkes’s representation of the sphinx in The Riddle, as seen in other artwork that showcases the mythical creature.