Jack Storms

There are precious few artists in the world able to create cold glass sculptures like Jack Storms. The level of skill and specialized equipment required makes these sculptures just as rare as they are awe-inspiring.

Photo of artist Jack Storms holding his prismatic glass artwork, for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Jack Storms

As an incredibly talented and skilled sculptor, Jack Storms was destined to be someone really amazing. Jack was a tremendous athlete and motivated student growing up in New Hampshire. It wasn’t until later in life that Jack discovered his passions in contemporary art and graduated at age 30 from Plymouth State University with a BA in Art; Focusing primarily on studio production. It was during his junior year that he happened upon the studio of a nearby glass artist who produced a phenomenally rare style of glass art work. This artist was combining lead crystal and dichroic glass using a cold-glass process.  This introduction would eventually become an entryway to Storms’ legacy. 

The process itself, which required weeks and weeks to produce even one completed glass sculpture, was incredibly intense and physically challenging. The number of glass artisans working in this form of fine art could be counted on one hand. Working side by side with the artisan for over a year, Jack Storms learned every component and facet of this incredibly challenging and rare art form.The intense cold-glass process can take up to 10 weeks for each contemporary glass sculpture to come to life. It begins at the heart of the design, by creating a core of lead crystal which is cut, polished and laminated creating reflective mirrors. When wrapped in optical glass, the refraction of light as it passes through the glass art creates rainbows of hypnotic color. The process is drawn out consisting of repetitive cutting, grinding and polishing. At the heart of each lead crystal sculpture by Jack Storms lays the theory of Fibonacci, a great mathematician that articulated the natural math seen in nature. Natural beauty is created, not manufactured. From the repetition florets of a flower to the scales of a pineapple’s skin, Fibonacci numbers are found in the pattern of growth of every living thing in nature. Eventually Storms became a strong enough sculptor to branch out on his own in 2004, and open StormWorks Studio.

Storms was often told his vision would be impossible. He was both challenged and inspired by the notion of impossibility. One of Jack Storm’s first major accomplishments as an independent glass artist was his invention and design of a cold-working lathe. His invention offered him the ability to turn glass and sculpt shapes with curves and details like one would produce from a wooden medium. His early memories of studying his father’s craftsmanship provided him with the blueprint of his vision. His father worked for hours in his own studio with a wooden lathe. Storms’ intense drive and deeply embedded passion as a glass artist motivated him toward this remarkable accomplishment. Pioneering new trails in the world of fine art was a leading inspiration. 

Jack Storms: His Process & Story

We highly encourage you to watch Jack Storms talk about his work and his process in these videos, where he sheds light on what makes his pieces unique. Seeing the talent and time involved in the making of these incredible sculptures will heighten your appreciation and understanding of this unique medium.

Photo & Video Gallery

Questions Answered

The whole process tends to take Jack Storms 4-6 months. Jack Storms sculptures are all one of one and each uniquely beautiful.

Each Storms sculpture is hand sculpted optic crystal ,cold pressed glass and dichroic glass. Many sculptures also contain other minerals to create the vibrant colors.

Jack Storms executes his colors by layering dichroic glass through optic crystal in multiple different layers each angled differently to catch light. The different colors of dichroic glass come from the materials Storms’ uses gold, silver, magnesium and copper. Those all create a color when illuminated and stacked on top of each other. The color spectrum comes from the different luminosity of light and temperatures of light. If you were to put two different light sources on the piece at one given time it would increase the colors in the piece. Jack Storms also uses spectrum glass in the hilt of some of his pieces such as rose green, purple, and blue.

Yes, each piece is hand sculpted by the the artist. No two Jack Storms sculptures are exactly alike!

Yes! And the results are shocking! Looking for a phenomenal piece to give as an award? A custom Jack Storms is a worthy gift for a great accomplishment. Seeking an eye catching piece for a unique spot in your home? Jack Storms’ sculptures range in size, and Jack will work with you and your space to make the perfect selection.

Explore our Jack Storms glass art collection below, and consider purchasing Jack Storms art for your collection from Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Cube Collection

Jack Storms takes a shape as simple as a cube and turns it into a dazzlingly complex work of art. The Cube Collection features some of his best-known and sought-after sculptures.

Aerial Collection

One of the first and most famous of Jack Storms’ glass sculptures, this piece was designed to create a sense of enlightenment. The colors in the Aerial are never the same twice, changing constantly according to lighting, time of day, and external light sources.

Starchild Collection

One of Jack Storms’ personal favorite cuts, the Starchild is inspired by his desire for consistent self-improvement and appreciation for the people who surround him in his life.

Bellavino Collection

Wine and art often go hand in hand, even in this unique medium! The light reflecting off rainbow glass appears liquid in these stunning bottle-shaped sculptures.

Bella Champagne
Bella Vodka

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