Summer Storm


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Michael Parkes’ bronze sculpture, “Summer Storm,” encapsulates the essence of joy and resilience in the face of life’s tumultuous moments. Inspired by the poignant quote, “A Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain,” Parkes has masterfully translated this philosophy into a tangible form. The sculpture portrays the delightful and carefree spirit of childhood, vividly capturing the moment of dancing in the rain during a summer storm. Parkes aims to evoke the memory of a hot summer day, interrupted by a refreshing storm, symbolizing a break from the sweltering August heat. This piece is not just a representation of a physical storm but a metaphor for finding joy and liberation amid life’s challenges. The work is a testament to Parkes’ ability to weave intricate emotions and memories into his art, making “Summer Storm” a remarkable and meaningful addition to any collection.