Boris Kramer

About Boris Kramer

“ I am a sculptor. I heat and hand forge metal until it gives form to expressions of human energy as it engages and relates. When heated, metal is extremely forgiving, that’s why I choose it as a medium. Through it, I explore the forces that draw us together and that separate us from ourselves and each other. Having experience both great tragedy and joy in my own life, I want my art to sustain relevant and meaningful encounters.”

Boris Kramer was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1969. Through his world renowned artist father, Richard Kramer, he learned blacksmithing techniques by osmosis; at home, art and metal were part of daily life. In 1995, when he completed a degree in Fine Arts at McMaster University and a Masters degree in Renaissance and Reformation History, he committed his artistic future to metal and joined his father at the forge. As his influences, he cites movements as diverse as rayism and impressionism and states that, for him the forging process is the seeking of form in balance that supports its own meaning. Although he shares, with his father, a fascination with human relationships, Boris has clearly developed his distinct sculptural vision with often a more dynamic style.

Boris sculptures have a home in numerous corporate and private collections and can be found in the many galleries around the world that carry Kramer Sculptures.