The Creation


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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There’s no place quite like the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where some of the world’s finest collections are displayed. Experience hospitality at its best through the gallery’s staff, who are well-versed with the exhibits, including the Michael Parkes art, on display. If you’re in Lake Tahoe, come by the gallery to view his exquisite work and explore the other collections.

Parkes has been creating art for over 40 years, long enough to experiment with different styles. There was a time when his work embodied an abstract expressionist painting approach. Over time, he adopted a more methodical style that brought his subjects to life in stark detail.

In The Creation, Parkes switches the creator’s role with that of a female figure. She creates a male form through the flicks of her brush, watching as he materializes out of thin air. The role reversal creates an intriguing narrative that begs to be explored and will surely be appreciated by fans of surrealism and magic realism.

Metallic reds, pristine whites, and shades of gray diffuse the painting with a life-like finish. Notice how textures spring to life from the female’s smooth skin to her plush swathe. The Creation is a definitive masterpiece that underscores Parkes’s genius.