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Photo of Dr. Seuss with a plush toy of the Cat in the Hat at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Dr. Seuss

A doodler at heart, Dr. Seuss often remarked—with a twinkle in his eye—that he never really learned to draw. His school notebooks often included bizarre creatures that framed sporadic notes he had taken in class.

For over 60 years, Dr. Seuss’s original art and illustrations brought a visual realization to his fantastic and imaginary worlds. However, his artistic talent went far beyond the printed page, as in Dr. Seuss Secret Art works – the paintings and sculptures he did at night for himself that he rarely exhibited during his lifetime. Dr. Seuss always dreamed of sharing these works with his fans and had entrusted his wife, Audrey, to carry out his wishes once he was gone. Audrey, too, believed the work deserved further recognition and that Dr. Seuss himself would one day be evaluated not only as an author, but also as an artist in his own right.

In 1997, this dream was realized when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched. For the first time in history, collectors were able to see and acquire lithographs, serigraphs and sculptures reproduced from Dr. Seuss’s original art drawings and Dr. Seuss paintings. In her introduction to the collection Audrey Geisel wrote, “I remember telling Ted that there would come a day when many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself – his private self. That day has come. I am glad.”

This historic project has opened the world’s eyes to the unique artistic talent of Dr. Seuss and, as such, Dr. Seuss art galleries, museums and collectors have helped make Audrey Geisel’s promise, and Dr. Seuss’s dream, a reality.

Just 15 years after Dr. Seuss passed away, these artworks toured leading Dr. Seuss art galleries and museums across the world, establishing Seuss as a significant artist of the 20th century. Today limited edition Dr. Seuss prints, Dr. Seuss sculptures and various Dr. Seuss art for sale can now be found at galleries along side the works of Rembrandt, Picasso and Miro. This Dr. Seuss art gallery is one of the select few with a variety of Dr. Seuss art inventory.

When Ted needed to clear his thoughts or relieve creative block, he often took an afternoon walk through his garden. Ted considered gardening and tending to his trees other art forms altogether, and his work in this “media” created a soft, pastoral setting.

According to Ted, however, his greatest work wasn’t a particular book or lavish gardens. Ted considered his greatest contribution to be the Lion Wading Pool at Wild Animal Park in San Diego, which he donated around 1973 (Dr. Seuss from Then to Now, p. 80).

Explore the World of Dr. Seuss at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Dr. Seuss has a special place in the hearts and childhood memories of millions. As the an authorized Dr. Seuss gallery, Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to show our clients and visitors a range of fantastical works created throughout the artist’s lifetime. Our Dr. Seuss art for sale contains not only Dr. Seuss original art, but also a spectacular homage collection in bronze by renowned artist Leo Rijn. 

Come evoke childhood wonder and nostalgia, and gain a newfound appreciation for the imagination of this American icon. We are thrilled to welcome you to our online gallery, where you can browse the full collection below. Or, we look forward to your visit to our South Lake Tahoe space.

We hope you have as wonderful an experience browsing our collection of Dr. Seuss original art online as you would with us in person!

A rare illustration by Dr. Seuss of the Cat in the Hat playing billiards at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Rare / Sold Out Editions

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Display a piece of incredible Dr. Seuss artwork in your personal collection with a limited edition print. All of our Dr. Seuss art is reproduced in small limited editions, each piece signed and individually numbered. These rare, limited edition prints are exceptionally valuable for their scarcity and quality. The size of Marcus Ashley Gallery’s inventory of Dr. Seuss original art is truly remarkable, and we are proud to be able to display it to the public and offer it for purchase. You’ll be able to view all sold-out and rare editions of Dr. Seuss art for sale online here, or call us 530-544-4278 for current prices and availability.

Dr. Seuss imaginary taxidermy sculpture of an orange fish. For sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Taxidermy Collection

In the early 1930s, Dr. Seuss ventured into three-dimensional artwork in a unique and bizarre way: mixed-media taxidermy sculptures. Using parts of deceased animals from the Forest Park Zoo in which his father was superintendent, Seuss created imaginative and peculiar creatures that exemplify his strange creativity. With names like the “Semi-Normal Green-Lidded Fawn,” “Tufted Gustard,” and the “Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast,” you can understand the depths of imagination involved in these wonderful sculptures. Witness the collection of Dr. Seuss original art that led the artist to be dubbed “The World’s Most Eminent Authority on Unheard-Of Animals.”

Marcus Ashley Gallery, the premier Dr. Seuss gallery, has the only complete Taxidermy Collection on display. Here, you can see all of the sold-out and rare taxidermies and astounding Dr. Seuss art for sale.

Side painting of an early Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, on display at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Secret Art & Archive Works

These works offer a fascinating insight into Dr. Seuss’ personal life. As a primarily children’s author and illustrator who worked under a pseudonym, Dr. Seuss strayed from showing much of his adult life to the public. In his private artwork, Seuss concealed many of his personal and political views, creating wild and often nonsensical depictions of culture throughout 60 years of his career. This witty, whimsical archive of Dr. Seuss original art shows a different side of the American icon that he did not show to the world during his lifetime.

A sketch of the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Illustrations Art

Dr. Seuss was a remarkably precise illustrator. This collection of illustrations demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail that Seuss adhered to while illustrating his books. In the early and mid-twentieth century, color printing had significant limitations and required Seuss to carefully select each and every color to appeal to young minds. The vibrant hues so distinctive of Dr. Seuss books are no accident: you can witness the time and care that went into his colorful illustrations in this unique collection of color charts and illustrations.

Bronze sculpture of an elephant by Dr. Seuss, available to collect at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Bronze Collection

The Bronze Collection by artist Leo Rijn was sculpted as a tribute to the most iconic Dr. Seuss characters, including The Lorax, The Grinch, and The Cat in the Hat. Rijn is famous for his work in the film industry, working closely with talent such as Tim Burton, Ang Lee, and Steven Spielberg to create memorable classics. Rijn captures the essence of Dr. Seuss’ whimsical creations with spectacular attention to detail. This remarkable Dr. Seuss art is for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery, the premier destination for Dr. Seuss art.

Discover Dr. Seuss Art for Sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery

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