If I Was a Sculptor


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50 lbs.

Inspired by 8 songs by Sir Elton John:

1.) Rocket Man

2.) Bennie & the Jets

3.) Candle in the Wind

4.) Tiny Dancer

5.) Crocodile Rock

6.) Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

7.) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

8.) Pinball Wizard

“If I Was a Sculptor” is a bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz, created as a homage to the legendary musician Elton John. This intricate piece is a visual symphony that pays tribute to the lyricism and flamboyance of Elton John’s career, encapsulating elements of fantasy and music.

At the core of the sculpture is a figure mounted on a whimsical rocket, a nod to Elton John’s hit song “Rocket Man.” The character atop the rocket reaches for the stars, embodying the aspirational and boundary-pushing spirit of the artist. Accompanying the central figure are various fantastical creatures, each seemingly playing a role in this artistic orchestra.

The sculpture is teeming with details, from the textured surfaces that give life to the mythical beings to the delicate adornments that reflect Elton John’s iconic fashion sense. Lotz’s work often intertwines the real with the surreal, and this sculpture is a testament to his ability to create a cohesive narrative that celebrates the essence of its subject.

“If I Was a Sculptor” is not just a sculpture but a storytelling piece that invites admirers of Elton John and art enthusiasts alike to explore a world where music takes on a tangible form. It’s a piece that would stand out in any collection, offering an enduring tribute to the creativity and impact of Elton John’s music.