Little Rascals


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3 lbs.

Add on as many monkeys as you want, and arrange them however you like.
This is a tribute to some of the most timeless comedians to ever grace the stage:

The Three Stooges
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel and Hardy
Carol Burnett
The Little Rascals: Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla


Going Bananas
Going Bananas 2
The Monkey Bar

The sculpture titled “Little Rascals” by Paul Lotz is a bronze artwork inspired by the beloved characters of the classic film and television series. In this playful piece, Lotz has skillfully transformed the innocent mischief and camaraderie of the Little Rascals into a group of jovial monkeys, engaging in an act of playful balance and acrobatics.

Each monkey in the sculpture carries distinctive features and accessories reminiscent of the original characters, such as bows and hats, adding layers of personality and charm. The monkeys’ expressions are lively and animated, capturing the essence of the youthful exuberance and endearing antics of the Little Rascals.

The detailed texturing of the fur against the smooth finish of the clothing items showcases Lotz’s expertise in working with bronze to create contrasting textures. The sculpture’s composition, with its intertwined limbs and expressive poses, creates a sense of movement and interaction among the characters.

“Little Rascals” by Paul Lotz is more than just a tribute to a classic series; it’s a celebration of friendship, fun, and the timeless appeal of childhood adventures. This sculpture would be a heartwarming addition to any collection, especially for those who hold a nostalgic affection for the Little Rascals and the golden era of Hollywood they represent.