Counting Sheep


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” The day is done. The night has come. It’s time to go to sleep.
The sun is down. The moon is up. But where are all the sheep?

The little lambs are dreaming to be counted: one, two, three.
Oh Father Moon, please wake them up. It’s time, you must agree.

My children need their rest. They’ve had a bust day of play.
Now mom and Dad deserve some time, that’s all I ask, I pray.”

-Paul Lotz


“Counting Sheep” by Paul Lotz is a bronze sculpture that whimsically interprets the timeless bedtime ritual of imagining sheep to induce sleep. This sculpture features a dreamlike swirl rising from an open book, suggesting the flow of stories and the gateway to dreams they provide.

Perched on the curling tendrils of the dream are sheep in various states of rest and play, with one at the very top seemingly leaping over the moon-like face, a nod to the nursery rhyme and the act of counting sheep to fall asleep. The moon’s serene expression, complete with closed eyes, enhances the nocturnal and peaceful theme of the sculpture.

At the base, a figure lies in repose, lost in slumber, further emphasizing the narrative of sleep and dreams. The open book and polished base ground the piece in reality, serving as the foundation for the fantastical elements to emerge.

Lotz’s “Counting Sheep” is a beautifully crafted piece that combines the tangible with the imaginative, appealing to those who cherish the escapism and comfort of stories and the gentle pursuit of sleep. It would make an enchanting addition to any art collection, especially for those who appreciate the blend of literary elements with visual artistry.