Little Lord Fauntleroy


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Little Lord Fauntleroy by Paul Lotz

While walking down the path one day.
I came upon this bird of prey,
A strange young chap in fine dressed clothes
Just standing there in calm repose.
Although his stare set me aghast
I approached with care, as he asked,
“Good day fine sir. What brings you here?
I beg of you. Please do not fear.”,
Then he bowed while shaking his head.
In disbelief and shock, I said,
I will not fear. You are so kind.
I walk along, much on my mind.
Without a selfish thought or doubt,
This kind and caring bird shout out….
“I’ll help you sir. I’ve much to give.
 Helping people is why I live.”
But why, young lord, would you help me?
You know me not, you must agree.
He told me how his humble past
Had taught him how bad times won’t last
When giving what you can to others
Will wash away your own druthers.
“So, lead the way,” he said, “We’ll walk.
We’ll share a laugh. We’ll have a talk.”
“And if I help you out some way Pay it forward.
I beg. I pray.”


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