Happy Hour


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50 lbs.


This piece contains glass and weighs 50 lbs. Additionally, we expect this piece to take 4 months for delivery and is also available in multiple color options, please call for details.

” Welcome all to my happy hour.
It’s time to forget a day so sour.

Now raise your glass and make a toast
With family and friends we love the most.

Before the Sand of time run out,
Lets drink and sing and dance about.

And should a good time be had by all?
Well pour another and have a ball!

But if the sands run out too quick
Flipping it over should do the trick”
-Paul Lotz

“Happy Hour” is a bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that creatively captures the convivial spirit associated with the end-of-day respite. This piece features a large hourglass at its center, with a collection of figures joyously interacting around and within it, reminiscent of characters unwinding and celebrating.

At the base of the hourglass is a figure holding a baton, seemingly conducting time itself, while other characters, each with their own unique and humorous details, are caught in various states of merriment. Some figures appear to be floating within the upper portion of the hourglass, adding a playful twist to the concept of time slipping away.

The hourglass serves as a metaphor for the fleeting moments of happiness in daily life, and the importance of savoring them. Lotz’s intricate detailing, visible in the textures of the figures’ clothing and the expressive faces, brings life to the bronze work. The whimsical composition of “Happy Hour” along with the patina and polished elements showcases the artist’s ability to blend fine art with a narrative that resonates with many.

This sculpture would be a perfect centerpiece in any art collection, offering not only a visual delight but also a reminder to cherish the joyful interludes that life offers.