Rocket Man


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7 lbs.

“Rocket Man” by Paul Lotz is a bronze sculpture that artistically captures the spirit of adventure and the timeless dream of space exploration. This piece portrays a whimsical character astride a vintage-styled rocket, reminiscent of early science fiction and the fantastical possibilities of the cosmos.

The character, with a star in hand, appears to be soaring upwards, conveying a sense of wonder and discovery. The rocket, complete with rivets and a patina that suggests both age and timelessness, points toward the sky, ready to pierce the heavens.

The sculpture’s base shows thoughtful details that ground the piece in a dreamlike reality, emphasizing the contrast between the earthly and the celestial. Lotz’s work is known for its ability to evoke narratives and “Rocket Man” is no exception; it invites the viewer to contemplate the boundless potential of the human imagination.

This sculpture would be a striking piece for any collector who has an affinity for the romanticism of space travel, the golden age of science fiction, or the artistry that captures the human desire to reach for the stars.