Carol Monkey


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3 lbs.

Add on as many monkeys as you want, and arrange them however you like.
This is a tribute to some of the most timeless comedians to ever grace the stage:

The Three Stooges
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel and Hardy
Carol Burnett
The Little Rascals: Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla


Going Bananas
Going Bananas 2
The Monkey Bar


“Carol Monkey” is a bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that pays tribute to the comedic genius of Carol Burnett. Reflecting Burnett’s iconic presence and humor, the sculpture portrays a monkey with an exuberant smile and a playful pose, reminiscent of Burnett’s theatrical and comedic expressions.

The monkey is dressed in a stylized skirt, evoking the classic attire often worn by Burnett during her performances. Its arms are raised in a gleeful gesture, and the face is sculpted with features that suggest both the animal’s playful nature and the endearing qualities of Burnett’s character.

Lotz has captured the spirit of Carol Burnett’s comedy in the joyful demeanor of this piece. The detailed fur texture and the polished elements of the monkey’s clothing showcase the artist’s ability to blend fine art with pop culture references.

“Carol Monkey” embodies the joy and laughter that Carol Burnett brought to audiences, immortalized in bronze. This sculpture would be a charming addition to any collection, especially for admirers of Burnett’s work and those who appreciate art with a sense of humor and a touch of nostalgia.