Greedy Monkey


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5 lbs.

Introducing the “Greedy Monkey,” a masterfully crafted bronze sculpture by the renowned artist Paul Lotz. This exquisite piece is a striking commentary on the nature of avarice and the captivating charm of opulence, rendered in the form of a whimsical primate.

The sculpture depicts a monkey, exuberantly adorned in a vibrant red vest and a jaunty hat, symbolizing the folly of extravagance. Perched atop a treasure chest brimming with coins and jewels, the monkey clutches a cup, representing an unquenchable thirst for wealth. The intricate details, from the textured fur to the gleaming treasures, are brought to life through the rich patina of the bronze, giving the piece a dynamic sense of realism.

“Greedy Monkey” stands as a unique piece of decor that is sure to command attention and spark conversation. Measuring at a size that makes it a perfect centerpiece or a distinguished addition to any collection, it is not just a sculpture but a piece of storytelling art.