I Believe


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26 lbs.

The image depicts a series of whimsical bronze sculptures by Paul Lotz named “I Believe.” These sculptures feature a fantastical fusion of animals with elements of aviation. Three balloon-like structures, resembling aged metal with a patina finish, are connected with delicate chains to creatures that defy the ordinary: a winged pig, a fish with bird’s wings, and a duck with deer antlers. The balloons, with their netted design, suggest a bygone era of air travel, reminiscent of early hot air balloons. Each animal is intricately detailed, with textured surfaces that highlight the unique features—such as the pig’s furled wings, the fish’s scales, and the duck’s feathers. The duck also sports a pair of small, ungulate legs, adding to the surreal nature of the work. These gravity-defying beings, tethered to their balloons, invoke a sense of dreamlike possibility and the magic of believing in the unbelievable. The craftsmanship suggests a blend of traditional sculpture techniques with a modern twist on mythical storytelling.