Candle in the Wind


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4 lbs.

“Candle in the Wind” is a thoughtfully crafted bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that seems to encapsulate the delicate and ephemeral nature of life, as immortalized in the song by Elton John. The piece features a figure seated on a crescent moon, embodying the gentle and reflective mood of the ballad.

The figure, with closed eyes and a serene expression, appears to be lost in contemplation or memory, while the moon, detailed with craters and textures, provides a celestial perch. The sculpture’s title suggests a tribute, likely capturing the essence of fragility and the softness of a flickering candlelight against the vast backdrop of the wind.

Lotz’s skill in capturing emotion through bronze is evident in the sculpture’s smooth lines and the tender posture of the figure. “Candle in the Wind” is a piece that resonates with those who feel a deep connection to the song’s themes of loss and remembrance. It would be a meaningful addition to any collection, serving as a visual representation of the song’s poignant message.