Dodo on the GoGo


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9 lbs.

The sculpture depicted is a unique and evocative piece by Paul Lotz, titled “Dodo on the GoGo.” This artwork captures the quirky essence of a dodo bird, an extinct species, giving it a sense of motion and vitality. The dodo is sculpted in bronze with a high level of detail, showcasing its textured feathers and the soft contours of its body. It appears mid-stride, with one foot reaching forward, encapsulating the notion of movement and perhaps a play on the idea of the dodo as a dynamic creature despite its historical fate.

Hanging from a spherical structure by chains, the dodo seems to be both bound by and breaking free from the globe-like form, which may symbolize the Earth or a more abstract concept such as destiny or limitation. The globe itself is divided into two halves, detailed with a net-like pattern on the upper portion and a smooth, polished lower half, creating a visual and tactile contrast.

The choice of bronze as the material adds a timeless and classical dimension to the sculpture, while also allowing for the intricate textures and patina that give life to the dodo’s plumage. “Dodo on the GoGo” could be interpreted as a statement on extinction, survival, and the legacy of species lost to time, or simply as a playful and imaginative piece of art that challenges viewers to reconsider the narrative of the dodo.

This sculpture would be a fascinating conversation piece, serving not only as a decorative element but also as a poignant reminder of history, the wonders of the natural world, and the human role in shaping it.